VELOVE Membership Sign-up Form

Sign up here to become member of VELOVE (students bike association) and join our mission to get universities cycling

We foster cycling to and around universities and create events and places where you can come to fix your bikes and meet likeminded people. As a member you can get involved, stay up to date and support our cause. You can you give the voice of the cyclists of the universities more weight and you can take part in the shaping of our organization.

Here are the explanations for the membership types:

Active member:

You help by opening workshops or other forms of activity.

Fee: none (free)

Student member:

You are a student and you want to be part of VELOVE and support us, but you don't have time to be an active member.

Fee: 10CHF /year suggestion (you can pay more or less)

Alumni or External membership:

You are not a student (anymore) and want to use our workshops and support us.

Fee: 50 CHF/year

Patreon member:

You want to continue using our workshops and give us extra support. Thanks!

Fee: 100 CHF/year (or more)

No longer a member: 

You want to leave our association. Only necessary if you have an account (check here). We will delete your information. Thank you and goodbye. 

You can become member of the following associations (the ones marked with * are not yet formal associations, you just become a member of VELOVE CH instead):

 VELOVE Hönggerberg




 Mobile Workshop Zürich*


Please use a *permanent address instead of your student address*!
If you want to become an Active Member, please provide us with a mobile phone number
Only select types marked with *
Which local chapters are you interested in being a member. The ones marked with * are not yet formal association, you will become passive member of VELOVE Switzerland instead.
Which school or university do you or did you belong to?
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